Why you should keep all messages and bookings on Scouty

Nicolas Doeser

Last Update 9 months ago

We consider our relationship with our Hosts and Hirers to be mutually beneficial and based on shared trust.

Accepting payment outside Scouty voids the protections outlined in our Terms of Service, our booking process and refund process. Hosts that violate our policy will be removed from our community and may be charged for owed Scouty service fees.

We have established these policies to help protect our Hosts and Hirers from fraud, potential risk, and other liabilities. By keeping payment and messaging on the platform, we can help ensure your security.

🏡 Benefits for Hosts:

  • More bookings through the site increases location visibility on Scouty
  • Upfront payment process
  • We act as a third party in dispute resolution
  • Security from fraudulent transactions
  • Protection by our Terms of Service

📸 Benefits for Hirers:

  • Hands on booking support
  • Book a location in minutes
  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • Don't pay any booking fees

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