What's the fee structure like?

Nicolas Doeser

Last Update 2 months ago

Hirer Service Fee

There is a service fee of 7% + VAT, which is added to the booking amount and helps cover the costs of running our business, including completing your transaction and providing support for your booking and all services added. Hirers always see the exact amount of the service fee during the booking process.

Host Commission

On successful bookings, Hosts are being charged a commission of 15% + VAT on the net booking amount. The host commission is automatically deducted from a Host's payout. 

The service fee and commission help us better work for you through:

Marketing: We spend significant time and resources bringing you qualified inquiries.

Support: We have an in-house service team which will assist you if you need our support.

Product Improvements: We’re constantly improving Scouty to make it easy for you to manage your space, get paid, and send invoices. 

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