How do I list my location(s)?

Nicolas Doeser

Last Update 9 months ago

Listing your location is free and only takes a couple of minutes. If you haven’t created an account yet, you can sign up to Scouty here.

Go to and click on the yellow “Become a host” button.

You can simply follow our 5-step process to add all relevant information.

Step 1: Add a location title

Give your space a title that will get people’s attention. Do not include your business name. For example, try: “Industrial Warehouse Loft” or “Natural Light Studio”

Step 2: Upload images

Upload up to 20 images. You can either click below to select your images, or drag and drop them into the area below. You can then drag your images into the order you would like them to be shown.

Step 3: Add information about your space and your rules

In step 3 you can add a description, the address, keywords, features & additional rules. When adding your location, start typing the address in the input field and select one of the drop-down selections. Important: Your exact address won’t be shared with users until you accept their booking. Keywords can be separated with a space or comma. You can add your own house rules / additional terms to your listing. Some of our hosts use this section to add their information such as their own cancellation policy, maximum crew size, and other information that is important to them.

Step 4: Availability and price

In step 4 you can add your availability, the price per hour, half & full-day discounts, and a minimum hire. The price per hour should reflect the average booking price for your location. You can always adjust the price of your location (for individual bookings).

Step 5: Publish your location

In step 5 you can preview your listing and publish your location on Scouty.

Congrats, our hirers can now find your location on Scouty, get in touch with you and send you a booking request.

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