Issuing an invoice for your hirer

Nicolas Doeser

Last Update 2 months ago

When a hirer books your space, the booking becomes a legal agreement between the hirer and you as the host. As a result, due to legal reasons, only you as the host can issue invoices for your booking. Scouty provides receipts to hirers for proof of payment.

Hirers can now request an invoice and submit their billing details. We have built an invoicing tool that shows you the invoice details and lets you easily upload the booking invoice.

The invoice should include:

  1. Hirer / company information
  2. Net booking amount
  3. VAT (if applicable)
  4. Total booking amount
  5. Booking date and time
  6. Invoice number

You can upload the invoice on the booking page:

  1. Click upload invoice button
  2. Upload invoice

The hirer will receive a separate invoice from us for our Scouty Service Fee.

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